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Another incredible Monaco Yacht Show!

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A big thanks to everyone we met at Monaco Yacht Show 2018, as always it was four days of admiring the world’s most prestigious yachts, enjoying great conversations and of course some of the finest hospitality in the world!

Edge Yachts on a golf course

Next week the Edge Yachts A-Team will be heading to Pinmar Golf Tournament in Mallorca for one of our favourite weekends of the year.

We’ll see you for a beer at the clubhouse if you will be there, and if you would like to meet up outside of the event just let us know.

Banner about Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

I’m sure FLIBS will be upon us before we know it and we look forward to seeing you all state side in just a few weeks. We will be hosting a special event during the show so keep an eye on your inbox for the invite later this month.

To meet up during FLIBS or if you have any general questions we can help with please email Mikaela on or call +34 638 743 483 to reach our Barcelona office.

Or contact myself on or +1 (954) 803-3803 in the Lauderdale office.

See you at show time!


Where’s Edge in 2018

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Where will Edge be this year?
We love to meet up with you all on our travels. Here are the next few events we will be attending. Let us know if you will be there too…

Private BBQ in MB92

Date to be confirmed 
Let us know if you are in Barcelona this summer and we will be sure to send an invite.

View out to sea from Monaco Yacht Show taken by Edge Yachts

Monaco Yacht Show

26-30 September
CEO Anthony and Mikaela will be attending this most prestigious of yacht shows. Why not join us for a glass or two?

'Edge Yachts team at Pinmar golf tournament

Pinmar Golf in Palma

18-20 October
Entry has been confirmed and we only have 1 spot to play on our team. Get in touch if interested:

An evening at fort Lauderdale boat show


Fort Lauderdale International Boat show
31 October – 4 November

Home of our head office and Team Edge. We will be hosting a cocktail hour during the show so let us know if you would like an invite:
View over booths at METS show in Amsterdam


13-15 November
Time to catch up on the latest industry leading projects at METS in Amsterdam, and find out all the latest news at the Global Superyacht Forum.

See you all there.


New Year- New News

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EDGEing into 2018

Edge Yachts wrapped up 2017 with a bang !!! Signing on more yachts to our fleet, hosting two new sponsored events and connecting with our industry across the world!  2018 has already brought changes to the Edge team and we look forward to sharing more special moments with you all as 2018 unfolds.

Marshall Island flag

What you need to know.

Just like we learned in the boy scouts or girl guides, every good yachtsman knows that it pays to be prepared. The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR) is the flag of choice for 1,067 of the 6,082 superyachts in the world, according to With this in mind, is it worth applying for your Cayman Islands Endorsement before you absolutely have to for a new job on a Cayman Islands-flagged superyacht?

What is the Cayman Islands Endorsement (CIE)?
The CIE is a legal document issued to certified masters and officers, recognising their Certificate of Competency (CoC) from another country. It declares that the holder of the CIE has an equivalent standard of proficiency to the Cayman Islands’ CoC and therefore is allowed to work onboard a Cayman Islands flagged yacht.

The CIE is only applicable for those in possession of a CoC, not an MEOL or those holding Yachtmaster certificates.

How do you apply for a CIE?
The process itself is relatively straightforward. Applicants will need to fill in the application form and enclose a copy of their CoC, a copy of any Certificates of Proficiency stipulated under STCW Chapter V (only for certain types of roles, not usually applicable to superyachts), a copy of their passport, a copy of their valid Seafarer Medical Certificate and two passport-sized photos.

The CIE application form can be downloaded from this link:

Originals of certificates do not need to be sent to the CISR in the application process (these should be kept onboard your current yacht for inspections from port state control etc), and crew compliance centres receiving applications are located in George Town (Cayman Islands), For Lauderdale (USA), Valbonne (France) and Southampton (England). Addresses for sending the completed application form can be found here:

For some nationalities, which are listed in the CIE-related shipping notice, applicants will also need a signed declaration from a company or agent to attest that the applicant has a proficiency in spoken and written English that is sufficient for service on a Cayman Islands vessel. This is to ensure all those who work on Cayman Islands-flagged yachts are able to communicate with other seafarers in case of emergency, as well as to perform their work onboard.

A full list of the nationalities requiring English proficiency declarations can be found on the downloadable latest revision of the CISR Shipping Notice 05/2011:

Who can apply?
The issuing administration of the officer’s CoC must be recognised by the CISR as holding comparable standards of assessment in order for a seafarer to be issued with a CIE.

A list of these countries can be found on the downloadable latest revision of the CISR Shipping Notice 05/2011

How long does the application process take?
The CISR aims to turn around applications within five working days of receiving the application in the post, though at peak times of the year this could vary. Once approved, the CIE will be returned to the applicant by courier post.

As soon as the CISR receives your application, it will issue by email a letter called a “Receipt for application of a Cayman Islands Endorsement Letter”, which attests that the named seafarer has already started the process of application for a CIE and expects to receive this soon. It provides a failsafe in case the yacht is inspected between application and receipt of the CIE, and is valid for three months (be aware that this cannot be renewed).

Is it worth getting a CIE before you have started work or been hired for a job on a Cayman-flagged yacht?
Although the CISR says it is not commonplace to apply for a CIE before a captain or officer has been given a job on a Cayman Islands-flagged yacht, it is still possible to do this if you anticipate getting a job on such a yacht.

There is a field in the CIE application form asking for the name of the vessel, so if this is not yet known then it would need to remain blank. However, the CISR says that it expects applications are made in good faith and would still consider the application even without this field being completed. So, it would be possible to be prepared for that potential job on a Cayman Islands flagged yacht by getting your CIE in advance.

More information on the CISR’s Endorsement is available on the registry’s website here:

If you are interested in custom management services please get in contact and we can help design the right package for you.

Beach at the Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands

Last year Edge Yachts presented a follow up and brief on the new stature in the Marshall Islands.
This year we will follow up on that and the new upcoming news around making the bridge for the code gap.

Edge Yacht Management

We take pride in delivering the highest standard of yacht management.  With our customised packages and leading systems we can help perfect your yacht management style. More information on our website


Logo for the Superyacht charities Ball

Superyacht Charities Ball

Join us at the Superyacht Charities Ball on Saturday 24th March in Southampton, England to help raise money for two amazing charities, Sail4Cancer and Turn to Starboard. Find out more by visiting the website and we look forward to seeing you there!


New Year – New Events

You can also find team Edge at yachting events around the globe in 2018.

  • MYBA Show in Barcelona
    23-26 April
  • MYS in Monaco
    26-30 September
  • Pinmar Golf in Palma
    18-20 October
  • FLIBS in Fort Lauderdale
    31 Oct-4 Nov
  • METS in Amsterdam
    13-15 November
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First winner of EDGEucation Scholarship announced

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We are thrilled to announce our first winner of the EDGEucation Scholarship, for a Helm Management course, which was drawn on 27 April in Barcelona during the MYBA Yacht Charter Show.

Tyrone Sharp is a first officer currently preparing for a busy summer season in the Med. He is looking to take his prize course this coming Autumn.

There are still three chances to win a deck officer’s course so don’t delay in entering! If you don’t win for a prize draw, you will be automatically entered into the next course, so the sooner you enter, the more chance you have of winning!

Full information on the EDGEucation Scholarship can be found here.


The case for universal compliance

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The recent spate of fires on yachts is a harsh reminder about the importance of safety on board every single yacht. No matter what a yacht’s size, whether it’s considered as private or commercial, the most important priority should be – and thankfully usually is – the safety of those on board, followed by the safety of the yacht itself and the safety of the marine environment.

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ENG1 CERTIFICATES: Are you shipshape?

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It’s the time of year when a lot of aspiring superyacht crew are making their way to yachting hubs in the Mediterranean to find that elusive first job. In order to be allowed to work on a chartering or commercial superyacht, for safety reasons, all crewmembers are required to have certain basic qualifications or certificates, including the STCW Basic Safety Training and the ENG1 medical certificate.

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Where to find us in 2017

By | the Edge team

FEBURARY 6-8: Shipyard visits, Holland

APRIL 24-27: MYBA Charter Show, Barcelona.

SEPTEMBER 27-30: Monaco Yacht Show, Monaco

OCTOBER: Edge Yachts BBQ, MB’92, Barcelona.

OCTOBER 19-21: Pinmar Golf, Mallorca.

NOVEMBER 2-6: FLIBS, Fort Lauderdale.

NOVEMBER 13-16: METS & GSF, Amsterdam.

If you would like to arrange for a meeting with the Edge Yachts team to coincide with any of the above, please email us at