MLC 2006 Amendments: Financial protection for seafarers kicks in

By January 17, 2017 uncategorized

It’s almost D-Day for the first MLC 2006 amendments from 2014 relating to financial protection for seafarers regarding certain contractual rights and dues.

As of Wednesday 18 Jan, 2007, every vessel that is MLC compliant should be displaying:

  • Confirmation from an insurer or other financial security entity that insurance or other coverage is in place to cover the costs of crew repatriation, up to four months’ wages and other entitlements, consequent upon abandonment (Reg 2.5).
  • Confirmation of similar coverage for claims arising from death or personal injury resulting in long-term disability (Reg 4.2).

The ABS commented on its website: “Ship owners should amend the DMLC Part II once the relevant flag State has re-issued the DMLC part I to address these new MLC provisions. This should be done at the earliest opportunity, but no later than the first MLC Renewal Inspection due after 18 January 2017 at which time these new provisions will be verified.”

Download a PDF of the 2014 Amendments to the MLC 2006 from the ILO website here.