If you are looking for yacht management support that goes beyond ISM and ISPS, Edge Yachts offers a range of services that are designed to take pressure off the captain and crew, allowing them time to focus on the smooth running of the onboard operations. We also offer guidance, advice and support for superyacht new build projects and refits, background checks for prospective crew and a whole host of solutions for specialist concierge needs.

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 Budget analysis and full ongoing accounting service

Crew payroll and employment service

Ownership company set-up and management

Today’s superyachts are run like large private estates or hotels. Whether they are used purely privately or with commercial activity through charter, superyachts are multi-million dollar assets with annual operational budgets that commonly run well into seven figures. The accounting and budget analysis of superyacht operation and planning can be time consuming and complex, demanding considerable attention from a captain, purser or chief stewardess. Add to this the increased workload of crew payroll and employment contracts that are required by the MLC 2006, and significant resources are needed to maintain compliance.

At Edge Yachts, we see ourselves as an extension of your onboard crew, able to assist department heads with their administrative duties and freeing up their time to focus on making sure every guest experience is as incredible as possible. To our team of highly experienced maritime professionals, yachting regulations and legal frameworks are second nature. We are accustomed to setting up ownership structures for superyachts, to ensure these are done in the most fiscally responsible and logical way possible.

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Full owner representation from contract negotiation to delivery

Technical consultation and regulatory advice

On-the-ground representation and remote support for build captains and engineers

Warranty tracking and management for recently delivered superyachts

Custom-building your own luxury yacht is a highly personal experience, and a lifelong ambition for many. Most future yacht owners will have a vision in their mind of their ideal vessel, and look for assistance from seasoned professionals to make that dream become a reality. An owner’s representative or build team should first and foremost be experienced enough to understand that vision and the technical aspects and choices necessary to bring it to life, on time and on budget. Whether it’s installing a cutting-edge music-recording studio, incorporating a four-deck-tall sculpture into the interior or integrating seamless head-of-state-level security systems, Edge Yachts has the experience to make the most elaborate of requests come to fruition on a custom-build superyacht project.

From contract negotiations and early design consultations to delivery and launch, the Edge Yachts team has exceptional technical and operational experience to lead the way for a custom-build superyacht project. Our clients have included some of the most discerning and experienced superyacht owners, with exacting standards and the highest of expectations. We have had the privilege of working with some of the best superyacht builders and designers in the world, alongside the best captains and build crew in the business. As well as working for an owner as a direct on-the-ground representative, our team can also provide build captains and engineers with remote support and technical guidance to whatever level requested. And once the new yacht has been launched, we will assist the onboard team with warranty tracking and ongoing management to ensure a smooth-running first few months and years of operation.

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Planned maintenance scheduling and tracking

Project scope definition and projections

Liaison with refit yard teams for upcoming refit and repair periods

Captain and crew support before, during and after refits

Refit, repair and maintenance are part of a yacht’s ongoing lifecycle after launch. Maintaining your luxury yacht to the highest standards is a complex undertaking, requiring considerable expertise and planning. Responsibility for tracking and scheduling planned maintenance and refits usually falls to the captain and departmental heads onboard, but this can be very time-consuming, particularly when planning ahead for a yard period often takes place in the middle of a busy charter season.

If the refits, repairs and maintenance are not planned ahead of a yard period, costs and time needed can escalate when unexpected work orders are added. On the other hand, if a yard period is well planned, costs are better controlled, standards of workmanship are enhanced and downtime is minimised. The team at Edge Yachts has many decades of combined sea-time, including on superyachts, and we can assist the captain and department heads with planning a successful refit period and alleviate their workload during busy operational months.

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International background checks for prospective crew

In-depth verification of references and criminal record checks

As an extension of your home, a superyacht is a private space for you to enjoy time off with friends and family. Beyond the responsibility of human safety placed on the crew, many priceless items and works of art are kept onboard. Recruitment protocols should therefore be as rigorous for a superyacht as they would be for a private residence or family office. Simple reference checks do not provide sufficient data to fully understand a candidate’s suitability for a position, and will often not be in-depth enough to consider the potential crewmember’s life prior to yachting.

Our understanding of the unique demands in yachting gives us an added advantage over other services that carry out background checks. Our searches are international and exhaustive, giving you peace of mind that those you have trusted to look after your superyacht asset, the valuable items onboard and, most importantly, your family and friends, are the perfect fit.

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Specialist sourcing of yachting and estate inventory

Arranging of unique experiences and purchasing opportunities

In luxury yachting, we are accustomed to expecting nothing but the very best in all areas. From designing completely bespoke crew uniforms to finding the freshest Maine lobster, our standards are exacting and our networks for sourcing items or experiences are second to none. As a part of our Premier Services to clients, Edge Yachts offers a concierge service to ensure every last detail is arranged.

Beyond assisting with yachting operations alone, Edge Yachts considers the comfort of our Premier clients wherever they are in the world. ‘Impossible’ is not a word in our vocabulary, and we have assisted our clients in a wide range of demands that have been insurmountable to others. Our Premier clients experience service that doesn’t stop, from a team that is passionate about delivering only the best.